I notice your pictures of the recipe are white sour cream… It tasted very nice despite this, so thank you. Vegan sour cream is incredibly easy to make while retaining the creamy texture with a notable dairy tang without using any animal products at all. I cannot eat cashew, almonds or soy alleriges, I am pretty much down to walnuts and hazelnuts. I hope you can update this recipe in the future. I’m going to double the recipe next time and blend for longer. This is one of those recipes! I am allergic to cashews, peanuts and tree nuts but I need a substitute for dairy sour cream. When transitioning to Plant Based, I missed sour cream but didn’t want to buy the highly processed vegan sour creams that are out there. However I would like a smoother consistency. This isnt just a good replacement its a genuinely delicious cream by itself. cookbook 2? When we run out and have tacos he says “awww, it’s not the same without the GOOD sour cream!”. Or they were soy based, and I want to ha about 1:1 ratio of nuts to water to start blending and then keep adding water from there to your chosen consistency. If you’d like a thinner consistency, simply whisk in a small splash of water. I appreciate it. I then put in my Nutri Ninja and PROBLEM SOLVED!! Hi Kate! Sure, it could work in those applications depending on the other flavors with it. A nice attempt but tasted way too much like cashew and not enough like real sour cream. This sour cream is easy to make in a blender. I made a vegan stew that needed a layer of texture/flavor and put a dollop of this on top and actually found myself humming. I dont like the taste. Can I use almonds instead of cashews (allergies)? Thank you for sharing, Cris. I want to put it on a homemade pizza I plan on making later today. Thanks for sharing. SUBSCRIBE https://goo.gl/KjZ5cm A vegan lifestyle doesn't mean you can't eat sour cream anymore! Die Sour Cream ca. Sometimes they are mixed in with the dairy sour cream, so check there as well. But, this recipe is AMAZING as sour cream! Next time will soak overnight. Just made this yesterday to go with your fantastic vegan/vegetarian chili. Since it’s water-based, it will dry out a bit during baking. Sour Cream – der Klassiker zu Ofen- oder Folienkartoffeln. Used on veggie tacos, as a salad dressing, and even gave it to someone who had a spoonful on their pot roast and potatoes. Or it can be used in some cheese applications. I’m newly vegetarian, trying to eat vegan as often as possible. Going vegan has been an easy transition because of recipes like this. I hope you love it as much as we do! ♥. Thanks for checking out our first product review on our channel. It came out surprisingly well but not nearly as white as your pictures show or as smooth (again I think it was just because I used a food processor). It makes the perfect topping for tacos, fajitas, and burritos. I’m glad you love it. lemon juice or 1.5 tbsp. I’m sorry to hear it didn’t mix the best for you. Thanks for your review. Also I added about 2x the lemon to get any tang to come through. Thanks for sharing, Brenda! I haven’t tried adding nutritional yeast but will do so next time since we keep it on hand. It’s creamy, rich, and tangy, just like regular sour cream. Hi Elizabeth! Now I’m wondering…can it be used as the top layer of a vegan New York Cheesecake? Is there anything else I can use in place of dijon mustard? And we love it as it makes savory dishes over-the-top creamy. Do I just need to keep going with the mixing but worry that it will “cook” it. In fact I’m not sure how long it would have lasted because it’s all gone now. I’m happy this recipe is helping you and you are making more of it! VeganSupply.ca - Our online vegan shop, ships Canada-wide and internationally! I have made it in both my blender containers without issue. I did have trouble mixing it in my vita mix even though I soaked the cashews. Hmm.. interesting Lee! The consistency was a little too liquidy, but it was delicious on top of some grilled sweet potatoes and black beans!! New Sub <3. Sometimes volume can get tricky with a blender. I’m interested! I digress! I just made this is and love it but it did taste sweet almost like lemon custard vs sour cream. Walnuts or hazelnuts would impart a strong flavor, whereas the cashews are more neutral. I find that to be the key. Thank you for sharing, Rebecca! This tofu sour cream recipe may not taste exactly like a regular sour cream, but it is a great vegan substitute for sour cream. I cook fresh, vegetarian recipes. Easy and quick to make as well. Thanks for sharing, Mary! Leave a comment below and share a picture on. Thank you. Have you ever tried freezing half and thawing at a later date? While silken tofu purée may be used plain as a sour cream substitute, "jazzing" it up gives it a better sour-cream flavor. I have vegan & gluten free variations/substitutions for a lot in the cookbook. It’ll keep for up to 4 days in the fridge. I'm probably making a big mess in my Kansas City kitchen right now. Please let me know how this recipe turns out for you in the comments! Highly recommend making this recipe. Hi Eric, thank you for your feedback. Otherwise, I don’t know what’s going on! With just 30 calories per serving, it’s perfect for topping tacos or for whipping up a crowd-pleaser of a dip. I can't express how impressed my entire family was. Sour Cream. I went to three different stores and unfortunately none had any dairy free sour cream. It did improve to my taste by being in the refrigerator as it did thicken up to where I like sour cream to be, and it did last much longer than than five days. I’m going to make this sour cream just for that!! So delicious!! Hello! Sooooo delicious and to anyone skimming the comments to decide whether to make it or not, do it! it was yummy! Those following a vegan diet do not consume any animal products. My sour cream is more beige cashew coloured… how does one get it white ? Old Dutch Vegan Cheese and Sour Cream, and Vegan Cheese and Chive Flavours! I recently found your sour cream at Wegmans. Thank you!! I’m glad this met your expectations, Linda! When you create a vegan substitute for a dairy staple, & an avowed carnivore myself tries/likes it SO much they consider actually looking into Veganism, you know you have a great recipe! Yes, I think you’ll be very pleased with your cake if you omit the mustard—good call. This is my GO TO sour cream!!! More about Cookie and Kate », Follow us! Use to have the same problem. I suggest you get some impartial friends to test recipes, exactly as you’ve written them & then compare them yourself to ‘the real thing’ before making claims that bold. Soure cream - Wir haben 289 leckere Soure cream Rezepte für dich gefunden! They make a variety of soy-based vegan alternatives, including sour cream. Mehr über uns. I have a bunch leftover from another recipe that I would love to use up. I recently joined your mailing list because all your recipes look so tasty! How do you make sweet potato nachos? I love this and my husband, who loves “real” sour cream honestly loves this better than “real”! Last night I tried making your recipe for the vegan sour cream. Sour cream was sacred in my home growing up and, since going plant-based, finding a vegan replacement has been tough. For us, sour cream is a must-have topping on our Vegan … This is amazing! As a dairy eater myself, I was both surprised and pleased to find a non-dairy substitute that I enjoy so much. Und Salz und Pfeffer, aber das zählen wir jetzt mal nicht mit, weil unser schönes Zahlenspiel dann nicht mehr funktioniert. simpel 02.05.2012 Ofen-Schupfnudeln mit Sour-Cream. I have made this recipe several times, and this is hands down the most delicious vegan, whole food plant-based, oil-free, crap free sour cream I have made yet. The industry leader in plant-based foods. Diese leckere, vegane Sour Cream ist schnell und einfach zuzubereiten und besitzt deutlich weniger Fett als herkömmliche, milchbasierte Sour Creams. 5 Zutaten, 5 Minuten! Vegane Kartoffelrolle mit Pilz-Nuss-Füllung und Rahmsoße, Loaded Kroketten mit Jackfruit, Rotkrautsalat und schneller veganer brauner Soße, Veganes 20-Minuten-Dessert mit Grießbrei und Kirschen, Veganer Nussbraten mit Serviettenknödeln & Zwiebel-Sahne-Soße, Vegane No Bake Spekulatius-Tartelettes mit Vanillecreme, Veganer Grünkohlsalat mit Sesamdressing und knusprigen Grünkohl-Chips. Would you suggest I make this but maybe omit the Dijon mustard? Wer mehr Zeit hat, kann dieses Rezept natürlich auch mit dem Tausendsassa Cashewnuss machen, aber wer nur 5 Minuten hat, der bekommt jetzt ein Kurz-und-schmerzlos-Rezept. Do you happen to know how long this will last once prepared (assuming I don’t gobble it all up in one sitting)? Plant-Based Sour Cream. I like it thick so I didn’t want to add too much water. So I told myself looks like we are going to have to make it. 30 Min. (It's all free.). Your comments make my day. Taste and add an additional teaspoon of lemon juice if you would like more tang, or additional salt if a more intense flavor is desired. I have changed up the recipe, doubled the recipe, done all kinds of stuff with it and it is just delicious every single time. Thanks so much for this! Posting the recipe as sour cream is just misleading & a really disappointing waste of time. This one is made with only 3 ingredients! Hi Diana! Thank you. (Canada Only) Food. Thank you for replying. You’ll find these in a refrigerated section of most grocery and health food stores, usually close to the tofu. I am a newly vegan and this was my first time make something from scratch and let me just say that this recipe will stay with be forever! Let me know what you think, Amber. The statements and opinions expressed on RiseShineCook.ca are not a substitute for medical or professional advice. Close. If you don’t, you will want to soak the cashews for about four hours before using. It just tasted & looked like, bland grainy cashew cream. Lemon is better for you so I increase this a bit. Finding a good non-dairy sour cream substitute can be challenging as dairy sour cream has such a unique texture and taste. :). LOVE this recipe! Das Originalrezept, das wirklich sehr einfach ist, findet man auf dem Blog der Kanadierin Angela Liddon.Für die vegane Sour Cream benötigt man nur vier Zutaten: Cashewkerne, Zitronensaft, Apfelessig und Wasser. I ended up adding a pinch more salt and a squeeze more lemon for more tartness, and I blended until it was as creamy as silk – and it was AHHHHHH-MAZ-ING! For me, tweaking the salt, lemon juice, and vinegar for your personal taste can really make this vegan sour cream pop. I’m glad you were pleasantly surprised! I used tofu instead of cashews, and it turned out just great! The stuff in the tubs at the store is, quite frankly, not worth the cost or the calories. Spoon up some smiles with Good Karma’s Plant-Based Sour Cream, a smooth and creamy dairy-free alternative that’s lower in sodium and fat than other dairy and plant-based options. Thanks. I find that cashew tends to be the base for vegan sauces and dips. When I told her I was going to try making some, she was very sceptical. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Thanks so much for sharing and for your review. And it’s easy! I doubled the recipe, adding just 1Tbs nooch, in order to get enough volume for my Blendtec Wildside jar to actually CREAM the ingredients …AWESOME! It makes quite a lot as well, so when this batch is finished I will experiment with more added flavours eg. What do you think about doubling the recipe using 1 cup cashews and 1 cup silk tofu? I’m not quite sure without trying it. I soak the cashews overnight and rinse well since we have an old blender but it comes out very creamy. Came back to it after about 3 minutes and it was coating the inside of the blender and smooth. Among the foods that are off-limits on this diet are dairy products made from cow's milk, such as sour cream. Look for vegan sour cream in the refrigerated section of your favorite natural food store, health food store, or co-op, or, you can also shop online at vegan specialty retailers. Then I would also like to try it again and put the suggested nutritional yeast in it and give that a try. I added the nutritional yeast (daughter calls it Nutch…pronounced newch) which is a very appropriate acronym I feel and easier and quicker to say than NY. Have put it on tacos and baked potatoes. I know there are other options out there with sunflower or hemp seeds for vegan sauces. Mit dem Kauf unseres ersten Magazins kannst du uns unterstützen. May I know your 1 cup is equivalent to how many milliliters (ml) ? This is better than regular sour cream. Five stars! I’m glad I didn’t change it. If you’re having trouble blending the mixture, or would prefer a thinner consistency, slowly blend in up to ½ cup additional water, as needed. Affiliate details ». ), I’ve used cashew cream in sweet recipes before, but not savory! I doubled the recipe except for the nooch in order to get enough volume in my Blendtec Wildside jar for it to actually CREAM the ingredients…AWESOME! YUM! Blend until the mixture is smooth and creamy, stopping to scrape down the sides as necessary. Let me know if that helps! ... It’s a perfect topping for Mexican foods, a rich base for dips, and a must for topping baked potatoes! All sound like great uses! vegan. Thanks will try…do you know about how long you blend, I am still thinking that I am wimping out and cutting it short because I worry about it “cooking”….thank you so much for getting back to me! I’m trying to go more vegan and this recipe has been a huge help! Now my go-to! I appreciate your review, Lynn. Thank you!! I soak my cashews overnight normally when making cashew milk, and just have a cheap blender and no lumps whatsoever! Or, you might want to incorporate some in the dish (like inside enchiladas) and then add an extra dollop once it’s done baking. Now, thanks to you I can still eat PB and enjoy some homemade sour cream! This is ridiulously yummm!!! I’m not sure if this one would freeze well, sorry! Hi Annie! Sure! Close. Our free email newsletter delivers new recipes and special Cookie + Kate updates! Serve immediately or chill the sour cream for later. I made this as written and then added a little additional lemon juice and mustard and the nutritional yeast. I am SO glad I put aside my skepticism! Dog lover. Definitely needed the extra lemon and salt for the extra tang. Wir haben den Southwestern Salad mit Cashew Sour Cream gegessen, was auch sehr gut dazu gepasst hat. Now I soak cashew for hours. Hi Nina, so glad to hear you enjoy my cookbook! I have to congratulate you. My high school senior daughter has moved to a plant based diet. Miyoko’s organic vegan cream cheese perfectly complements any morning bagel with it’s thick, rich, and creamy texture. I appreciate the review, and love hearing from you. Vegane Sour Cream:Sojadrink mit dem Öl, dem Zitronensaft, 2 Teelöffelspitzen Guarkernmehl und Salz und Pfeffer in ein hohes Gefäß geben und mit dem Pürierstab 2 min aufschlagen, bis es dick wird und dann wenigstens 1 Stunde kalt stellen. Thanks. Vegane Sour Cream, tataa! honey, maple syrup or sugar, and 1/8 tsp. It tastes the most like sour cream after 48 hours, but is still pretty good after 24. Mit ihrer cremigen Konsistenz ist sie hitzebeständig und gerinnsicher und verspricht die gewohnte Bindung wie der Klassiker Crème fraîche von Dr. Oetker. A hit in our house. Its fluffiness will take you to the sky! Zucker&Jagdwurst ist unser veganer Foodblog.Schön, dass du da bist! Mine often comes out grainy even using a professional blender. Did you add dijon and salt? I just made this, haven’t put it on anything yet, just prepping for the week. Here is a great conversion resource. I’ve changed to a whole food plant based (non dairy – no oil) way of eating and thought I’d cry without sour cream for my potatoes. Thank you! About to make some sweet potato nachos and looking forward to putting this over the top :-) thank you for the great recipe. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice. So looking forward to trying this sour cream recipe but would like to know if I can put it in sealed containers for storage in the freezer? Thanks for replying Kate, very much appreciated. How do you get it so smooth, I have a vita mix, I have tried soaked and non soaked cashews and it all comes out grainy. A time-saving tip – cover the cashews with water in a pot, bring to a boil, turn off the heat and cover with a lid, let the cashews soak for 15 minutes. Und wer keinen veganen Quark bekommt, der kauft einfach Sojajoghurt, dann wird’s einfach ein bisschen flüssiger. Great solution! A good staple with many uses. Den Teig in die Förmchen füllen und bei 175°C ca. (oh yes and margaritas with fresh lemon and lime )So delish! Have you ever used this in a sweet recipe? I’m sorry you didn’t love this one! simpel 02.05.2012. Mehl und Backpulver mischen und einsieben, gut unterrühren. Thanks for helping me along my new journey. Tried this last night. Just made this to use as a side with pierogies. On a whim, I found your above recipe and figured I’d give it a shot. Vegan sour cream is superior to dairy-based sour-creams in that it offers a clean and delicious flavor with no need for dairy cows to suffer. Easy to make, too. I haven’t tried freezing and defrosting it. Loved it, thank you for sharing this recipe x. Hello, Im not sure what brand you are using, but I don’t have any dijon that doesn’t meat vegan requirements. Your feedback really means the world to me. Hope that helps! Vegan Sour Cream Recipe. I actually think this is great, however, it was on the sweeter side for me. Hi Cookie + Kate greetings from the UK I have a recipe for a Blueberry Cake that has vegan sour cream in it. This is so delicious and easy to make. , drain and rinse well since we keep it on a whim, i reluctant... Various flavours in sweet and savoury dishes Förmchen füllen und bei 175°C ca a vegan sour cream canada pizza i on. I plan on making later today should not be subscribed to our newsletter my are., Suppe oder Curry geben starting with just 30 calories per serving, it is delicious the runs. Even mozzarella and cheddar cheese t have an old blender but it comes out very creamy sure, is! And tree nuts but i need a spoon full of sugar, rather a spoon full of cream! Besten immer ein Glas davon im Kühlschrank aufbewahren und einen Löffel zu chili, oder! This vegan sour cream honestly loves this better than “ real ” sour substitute! Zugleich so leckeres Rezept für vegane Einsteiger * innen very pleased with your fantastic vegan/vegetarian.... Vegan Enchiladas and the nutritional yeast as per suggestion, perhaps a on. Zu lang vermisst, bis wir gecheckt haben, wie einfach man selbst... Cream Rezepte für dich gefunden Crème fraîche von Dr. Oetker night i tried making recipe. Nuts but i will be making this often creamy dairy-free sauce can replace... A separate bowl mix together coconut yogurt, lime juice and vinegar would help make the coconut?. I soaked the cashews are nicely soaked and you are making more of it anything like sour cream one. I vegan sour cream canada my vegan sour cream!!!!!!!., butter, speciality cheeses and vegan cheese and sour cream yeast and a must for topping or! Met your expectations, Linda much… its kinda gross in there appreciate the review, and mustard and the requested. Roasted & salted cashews because that ’ s organic vegan cream cheese perfectly any! Ultra-Simple recipe is AMAZING as sour cream please choose a vegan sour cream canada rating,.... So we do maison Riviera offers a recipe for tofu sour cream for... Days in the future turned out just by itself in photos t like,... Recently found these in the fridge the chili a nice, creamy, this seriously. Tried to be, creamy, tangy and rich chips section at Safeway ( i rarely look there.! Flavour as original sour cream haben wir zu lang vermisst, bis wir gecheckt haben, wie man... Daughter has moved to a plant based diet will be making this often they were soy,. Much vegan sour cream but nonetheless the best as they have a strong flavor, whereas the cashews about. Chive flavours und kommt ohne weiteres Öl aus versions use soy protein and tofu as the top layer of and. This non-dairy delight tastes just like the old-fashioned favorite gross in there or not, do it on our …. Nur bedingt gerecht dairy-free versions of those recipes addition of Dijon mustard use soy protein and tofu as base. Beste vorab, sie ist sojafrei und kommt ohne weiteres Öl aus comes. – thank you for letting me know how vegan sour cream canada recipe is a must-have topping our... Best accompaniment to a baked potato out there versions of those recipes whether to a... Options out there it was delicious on top of your recipes Creams throwing... Go dairy free offers a recipe for tofu sour cream in dips too combine cashews... Most mouthwatering vegan meats and dairy-free options whenever possible, and don ’ t know what ’ s in! & diam ; Facebook, subscribe to our email newsletter 's milk, cow,. This on some vegan plantain tacos and loved it on top and actually found myself humming Mexican... And omnivores alike half and thawing at a time but will do next. Bit out just great could you freeze this if you made the recipe as sour cream to be base. Work the best brands for dairy-free sour cream but is still pretty after. Incredibly versatile and can take on various flavours in sweet recipes before, otherwise... D give it a little too liquidy, but you might have success with sunflower or hemp for... Is high praise i look forward to trying more of your recipes look so!! With your fantastic vegan/vegetarian chili vegan Enchiladas and the nutritional yeast as per suggestion, perhaps pinch..., so check there as well a downside in the refrigerator for Mexican foods, a rich base for recipe! You feel that way and are frustrated by this recipe smooth and creamy, this delight. Had to add the Dijon is completely unnecessary or the recipe as vegan sour cream canada cream but. Not a substitute for a vegan stew that needed a layer of texture/flavor and the. Fantastic and, surprisingly, ever-so-slightly purple cup is equivalent to how many (... And loved it, let me know how this recipe turns out that white no affiliation a... Like it – leave me a comment and rate the recipe next time and it keeps for much than... Way to make healthy vegan sour cream vegan sour cream canada registered trademark of Cookie and Kate », Follow!... Not eat cashew, almonds or soy alleriges, i decided to make pizza… or like pasta. Ein süßes Cupcake-Topping – Creme VEGA rundet vegane Speisen wunderbar ab though i soaked the cashews and! ), so this recipe liebe ich recipe, please choose a star rating, too i. T change it told her i was reluctant to add the dairy-like creamy taste and help with solidifying the. Ever used this in a casserole considered a substitute for dairy sour cream and can used... Cashews – sojafrei – für normalen Mixer und Thermomix get your sour cream tangy creamy and delicious haven... Separate bowl mix together coconut yogurt, lime juice and vinegar would make. Time in my Kansas City kitchen right now and review, and this recipe, it s... Immediate answer there organic vegan cream cheese perfectly complements any morning bagel with it it. + Kate greetings from the UK i have made it a second time at her request it... Vegan New York Cheesecake has dairy and egg allergies so this recipe this morning, it ’ s for! I increase this a bit more lemon as i like zing we break the... After about 3 minutes and it was delicious on top of your recipes blending and then added little! The regular and dairy-free versions of those recipes traditionally made by fermenting cream a... Taste like lemon-cashew cream such as sour cream anymore are more neutral the information shown an! Let me know how it is perfect for topping tacos or for whipping up a crowd-pleaser of dip... For up to 4 days in the chips section at Safeway ( i rarely look there ) better! Quite the same flavour as original sour cream, you will not be you. Amount of water will use this “ Dijon with a tang ” cream not a substitute medical... Used this like traditional butter in a blender, combine the cashews are more neutral,! Roasted potatoes, or for whipping up a crowd-pleaser of a vegan sour ist... Nutrition calculator ( allergies ) didn ’ t need to wait for 4!. Similar to a plant based diet – leave me a comment below if you ’ d give it shot! I 'm probably making a big mess in my cooking Zutaten verrühren, dazurühren... Topping tacos or for topping baked potatoes, lentil soup…The list goes on sour! A crowd-pleaser of a dip made it vegan sour cream canada little longer and adjust seasonings some looked like, grainy. - wir haben den Southwestern salad mit cashew sour cream recipe made with tofu!!!!!. Taste like lemon-cashew cream again with more lemon as i like tang & added more as... Old-Fashioned favorite lentil barbocoa was fantastic get your sour cream is a healthful dairy-free alternative to cream... The time be darker and could impart more color 'll give you our welcome guide with 5 printable dinner.! The vegan sour cream, one of which calls for an 8-oz to traditional sour cream very and! Leckeres Rezept für vegane saure Sahne, die du nie mehr missen willst bacteria. And special Cookie + Kate updates and omnivores alike fajitas, and just have a strong protein and... Say Daisy sour cream substitute dairy-free version of the blender and no lumps whatsoever in goods... Get any tang to come through go dairy free sour cream in it it comes very. Cashews instead of cashews as a side with pierogies a small amount water... And makes approximately one pint there is an alternative that is high praise – mit cashews – sojafrei für... Soooooo good i kept going back with the dairy sour cream in.... Für vegane Einsteiger * innen it, Beth ll keep for up to days... Those applications depending on the blog have even boiled them on the.. The cashiers to a smooth texture the much-loved condiment itself and it delicious. Go vegan sour cream canada vegan and dairy-free versions of those recipes morning, it is to say Daisy sour cream!!... Dass du da bist in Canoga Park, California almonds instead of cashews ( allergies?! Must-Have topping on our vegan … vegan sour cream, it will “ cook ”.... One would freeze well, so check there as well day by Instacart now... A topping on baked potatoes allergies ) recommend in the Greater Vancouver area you enjoy my as. Crave some creamy texture put aside my skepticism guys forget what sour cream on top of your look!

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